A big step for small – Apple iPhone SE announced

Yesterday, Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple, announced its cheapest iPhone to date with the iPhone SE.


Featuring a 4 inch screen, Apple has moved away from the ‘bigger is better’ trend that appears to be sweeping the smartphone market, with Vice President, Greg Joswiak, explaining: “Some people simply love smaller phones. And the 4in phone is often their first iPhone.”

With a similar form factor to the popular iPhone 5S, released in 2013, the new compact iPhone SE features some impressive specs, including a metal body, Touch ID fingerprint scanner and a flush camera lens.


Whilst it might be compact, iPhone SE certainly doesn’t skimp on performance and has been dubbed ‘the mostpowerful 4-inch phone in the world.’ It boasts better battery life, faster WiFi support and a more user-friendly web browsing experience.

The phone will be available on pre-order from Thursday 24th March in black, white, gold and rose gold, with storage options of 16GB and 64GB, with the official release date being 31st March.

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