Happy National Awkward Moments Day!

Here at Go Mobile, we’ve had our fair share of awkward incidents. You’d think our phones would make us smarter, funnier and more in control individuals; yet all they seem to do is create more opportunities for awkward moments. In the spirit of togetherness, here’s our five most cringeworthy moments for you to enjoy.

The Awkward Moment when you respond to someone… who’s talking on their hands-

We’ve all seen them, the businessmen with the tiny headphones in, mumbling away (seemingly to themselves) on the train. It’s already awkward, but then put yourself in a situation where you’re 90% sure that they’re asking you something. You don’t know whether you should reply or not, and when you do, they look at you blankly while pointing at their phone.

The Awkward Moment when you send a text meant for your boyfriend… to your dad.

You knew it was a mistake agreeing to date lovely Dan. You’re feeling flirty, you compose a saucy text and click send. You only realise after, that instead of sending it to Dan you send it to Dad.

That Awkward Moment when you’re doing some social media stalking and you like a photo that’s eight years old.

Damn our fat fingers! All we’re doing is a little research on a friend of a friend and we just have to ruin it with an accidental double tap. Top tip: if you quickly unlike, swallow your pride, and then like their most recent photo, you may just get away with it.

That Awkward Moment when you thought your phone was on silent and it rings.

The Cinema, the theatre, the library; just three of the places where you don’t want your phone to go off. So why, even though you’ve checked it a few times, does your phone always insist on ringing in the most silent of situations? For ultimate cringe, check out this video of perhaps one of the worst times for your phone to go off… with the worst ringtone.

That Awkward Moment when you show someone a photo and they swipe through your pictures.

We’ve all been there, and it’s usually when you try and show something to your parents. Instead of safely looking from a distance they like to grab your phone and swipe haphazardly through your camera roll, completely unaware that anything could pop up. Still with us? What’s been your most awkward moment with your phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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