Top 5 mobile games to play this National Video Games Day

Looking for the best way to keep your thumbs busy this National Video Games Day? Then look no further, here’s a list of our favourite games that you can download on Android and iOS!

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Fancy being a hero for the day? With this fast-paced, strategic card game you can be! Whether you’re a dab hand at spells or a newcomer in the world of magic and wonder, you’ll find yourself spending hours in the Warcraft universe.

>> Download Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft: Android

>> Download Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft: iOS

Pokémon Go

Classic Pokémon characters made their return in summer 2016 and the game is still one of the most popular free apps for both Android and iOS. Pokémon Go allows players to explore the real world while catching Pokémon, finding PokéStops and battling against other teams in gyms! You can always purchase a battery power bank from your nearest Go Mobile store, to save your battery from running down while catching those rare Pokémon.

>> Download Pokémon Go: Android

>> Download Pokémon Go: iOS

Fallout Shelter

I suppose being awarded Google Play’s best gaming app of 2015 has got to account for something right? Building the perfect vault, keeping your Dwellers happy and protecting them from the dangers of the wasteland are just some of the tasks you have to complete in this game! If you’ve ever dipped your toe into the Fallout universe then this is the perfect companion app.

>> Download Fallout Shelter: Android

>> Download Fallout Shelter: iOS

Cut the Rope: Magic

After receiving over 960 million downloads, as if like magic, Om Nom is back with a new adventure. This time around you can transform him into various magical forms to help him recover candy that’s been stolen by an evil wizard. Not only that, but the latest update introduces over 160 all-new magical-themed levels of puzzle gameplay to keep players imaginations in full swing!

>> Download Cut the Rope: Magic: Android

>> Download Cut the Rope: Magic: iOS

Clash Royale

Can you help the Clash Royale family to victory? From the creators of Clash of Clan’s, this real-time multiplayer game allows players to build and upgrade their card collection, earn trophies and form their very own battle community. Why not enter the arena this National Video Games Day and test your battle tactics?

>> Download Clash Royale: Android

>> Download Clash Royale: iOS

So, what will it be? Let us know how you’ll be spending National Video Games Day with a comment below!


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